Shingle Company Crew Setup



  • General labor duties
  • Tear off roofing material
  • Clean up working area / ground as needed
  • Carry bundles /rolls / materials
  • Assist crew as needed
  • Responsible for timecard and fall arrest

Junior Installer:

  • All duties of a laborer
  • Can install materials when needed, but requires full supervision
  • Knows orders of installation and way around jobsite

Senior Installer:

  • All duties of a laborer and junior installer
  • Can install shingles and accessories unsupervised
  • Can run jobsite if foreman is not present
  • Very familiar with any jobsite and roofing situations


  • All duties of laborer, junior/senior installer
  • Responsible for filling out work order and time cards correctly, submitting on time
  • Can communicate with management and homeowner’s (status of jobs – to management and homeowner’s / answer homeowner’s questions)
  • Communicate when flashings/extras are needed
  • Can organize crew and tasks so all are completed promptly and correctly
  • Is responsible for final touches and clean-up upon job completion

How to Apply

If interested in this position, please email us your resume, along with salary requirements and a cover letter to