More than just a roof over your head.

Protecting your home or business with long-lasting roofs and siding — carefully installed by trained professionals.

Dykstra Bros. has been serving the Greater Niagara and Burlington regions for nearly 50 years with the same mission — caring for people and our communities with the highest quality roofs and siding.

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“Nicolai, just a note to also say your crew was extraordinarily good. Polite, considerate, eminently skilled and so hard working. We are very glad to have been able to finally go with Dykstra Brothers as we wanted to initially. You have an wonderful reputation here in Niagara-on-the-Lake, having done so many of our friend's roofs as well. So thank you for a job done amazingly well! We'll happily act as reference for you any time.”
— Richard, NOTL

Our Guarantee

At Dykstra Bros. Roofing, we’ve built a long-standing company based on honesty and trustworthiness, and we make sure our guarantees are a reflection of that. We offer a number of industry-leading warranties depending on the work performed and the products used.

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