Flat Company Crew Setup



  • General labor duties
  • Tear off roofing material
  • Clean up working area / ground as needed
  • Carry rolls / materials
  • Assist crew as needed
  • Responsible for timecard and fall arrest

Junior Installer:

  • All duties of a laborer
  • Can install materials when needed, but requires full supervision
  • Knows orders of installation and way around jobsite

Senior Installer:

  • All duties of a laborer and junior installer
  • Can install rubber and accessories unsupervised
  • Can run jobsite if foreman is not present
  • Very familiar with any jobsite and roofing situations


  • All duties of laborer, junior/senior installer
  • Responsible for filling out work order and time cards correctly, submitting on time
  • Can communicate with management and homeowner’s (status of jobs – to management and homeowner’s/ answer homeowner’s questions)
  • Communicate when flashings/extras are needed
  • Can organize crew and tasks so all are completed promptly and correctly
  • Is responsible for final touches and clean-up upon job completion


  • Responsible for being up-to-date on personal safety requirements
  • Responsible for being able to inspect machinery and identify any issues if present
  • Must have minimum valid DZ license
  • Must have HIAB training and certificate (available through Dykstras while working here)
  • Ability to operate vehicle and crane in a safe manner
  • Load truck at our yard and securely fasten load
  • Deliver material to designated job address
  • Lift material to roof and unload by hand with other assistance
  • May be required to assist repair crew as needed or when deliveries are slow

How to Apply

If interested in this position, please email us your resume, along with salary requirements and a cover letter to info@dykstrabros.com.